Roshan and The Santana Tribute Band -
playing the music of Carlos Santana


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Roshan captures the soul & fire of Santana's guitar magic
while maintaining his own musical personality.
If you love Santana and his music
then you already know what this band is about.


Roshan on Guitar & Vocals
Shivani on Keyboard & Vocals
Peter Factora on Timbales & Vocals
Jon Hawes on Bass & Vocals
Glenn Collen on Congas
Steve Howells on Drums


Bring your Dancing Shoes & be Prepared to Party !


Kapiolani Park Bandstand - Pro Bowl Celebration


Santana Tribute Band.

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Picante is a sizzling hot band made up of some of Hawaii's finest Latin &
Jazz musicians. They play a fiery blend of Latin Rock, Jazz & Pop along
with traditional styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Cha Cha and Cumbia.





Picante is unique among Hawaii's Latin

bands, as they play other types of music

also, such as Swing, R&B, Rock, Disco &

other dance styles to satisfy audiences

who want more than strictly Latin music.





Picante has held regular, long term

engagements at the Kahala Mandarin

Oriental Hotel, the Acqua Lounge, &

the Aloha Tower Pier Bar - and

performs concerts, conventions,

music festivals, and regular jazz

venues like Ward Rafters.




Picante members are:
Roshan Kumar - guitar, vocals, leader - often compared with Carlos Santana
Arlene Montalbo - vocals, percussion - the Puerto Rican songbird - a real pro with Spanish songs
Glenn Collen - congas, bongos - verrrry fiery performer - a real crowd pleaser
Chuck James - premier drummer of Hawaii for many years - the guy the others learn from
Shivani - bass - and sometimes vocals - and sometimes keyboards - solid, funky, versatile, hot
Aaron Aranita - piano the way real Latin style piano should sound - world class jazz player
Larry Cook - sax & flute - classically trained with deep musical understanding - a delight to hear





NEW - PLEASE NOTE: due to many requests -

Picante can now perform as a 2 to 5 piece group

playing all the same music as with the larger group

We will continue to perform as 6 or 7 piece whenever possible-
but if you prefer a smaller group - we'll do it!





The beat is infectious, the music is hot, so get up and dance to the spicy sound of


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The SurfSonics



From the World Capital of Surfing - the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii,

comes a new band playing music from the classic era of Surf Music.


The SurfSonics play the major instrumentals from the Ventures, Dick Dale,

Surfaris, and other hitmakers from the golden days of Surf Music

with the 2 guitar, bass, and drums lineup popular at the time.



What sets them apart is that they also do the Beach Boys hits

and other vocal classics from that era - complete with 4 part harmony.



If you're having a real Beach Party or just want to "Capture the Vibe",

they're just what you need to take you there!



The SurfSonics


(808) 292-4350





TNT plays explosive classic rock and R&B designed to make you want to get up and dance. Once they start playing itís non-stop-energy party-till-you-drop time. Crowds love the excitement generated by the spontaneous interaction of TNT. No matter how many times you see them perform, it's always fresh and new. The spark of improvisation runs through everything they do, whether it's a classic rock standard or one of the unique jazzy, bluesy, & especially funky songs they've dug up from 'who knows where'.

TNT is: Roshan - guitar & vocals
Tim Lee - bass & vocals
Mark Sperling - Drums

(808) 292-4350 •



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